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Golden State Smiles Reviews
15301 Washington Avenue, San Leandro, CA 94579
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3.2 / 5 Yelp 3.5 Stars
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Posted On: 05/23/2024 Yelp 1 Stars Came here for a consultation + prophylaxis, I usually get my cleanings every 6 months, never had any pain, bleeding nor inflammation.

The dentist here...
Cristian H website Logo Yelp Review
Posted On: 03/18/2024 Yelp 1 Stars I wish I had good things to say. This office is terrible. Run. First, they tried to overcharge me. Then, they called me 2 hours before an appointment that... Ray G website Logo Yelp Review
Posted On: 11/13/2023 Yelp 4 Stars UPDATE: 4 Days post-visit I think an area of my gums may have been scraped/cut while having one of the cavities filled. There is some pain in one area I... A J website Logo Yelp Review
Posted On: 06/12/2019 Recommended Today was my first day here with my 7 year old son. Dr. Dharaben and staff were very friendly and sensitive to my sons anxiety. I would recommend them :) Bianca V website Logo Facebook Review
Posted On: 04/07/2018 At Smile Care I WAS Given A Full Set of Dentures, THEY Were Efficient,Clean, MY Dentures WAS Completed IN 2 Months.Staff ARE Amazing. Dr.chowdhary is awesome, assistance very nice. Front staff are great amazing and helpful. Glad I found this dental office. Peggy C
Posted On: 02/07/2018 Great place! To be honest, this has been my best experience with dental work. They are good, and quick with their work, and I am always happy walking out the door. I wouldn't go anywhere els. This is the place to go for dental work!! Bryant C
Posted On: 02/07/2018 I can't say enough good things about Smile Care. Seriously - these people are FRIENDLY. Every time I walk in, they know my name, ask me how I've been, ask how work is - it's awesome. I love coming in to say hi to everybody, knowing I haven't been forgotten in the sea of clientele.

They're fast too. You can just tell during a check up that every oral specialist here has experience. I'm usually in and out of my braces appointments within minutes. Not to mention the lead orthodontist seriously knows his stuff.

Definitely recommend this place!
David T
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Thank you so much. I avoid the dentist at all cost. Everyone made me feel welcomed and very comfortable. I will definitely be returning. Very friendly and experienced staff. Everyone there are very caring and gentle with fast appointment scheduling. I have been to many bad dentists before. I'm so glad I found this place! They also have a discount program if you have no dental insurance! I've already referred 3 people who will be making appointments, I believe one is there as we speak! It was actually FUN going to the dentist! I had no anxiety, no pain, and no problems! Best experience with DDS ever! I had a broken tooth requiring a crown. The process took two appointments - the first appointment I was fitted with a temp crown, the second appt the temp crown was replaced with a permanent. Both appts were great, the dentist and tech were super. My orthodontist is special. She conducts herself with charm and friendliness that are such reassuring traits helping me relax and be fully comfortable in her care. I trust her professional knowledge and skills without reservation. I am so very pleased that she is my orthodontist.